With the launch of our new brand today, we would like to take a moment to introduce our culture to the world. We've brought together a diverse and multi-faceted collection of cyber security and risk management services that is unparalleled in the industry - so much so that we felt it required a new identity, one that captures the magnitude of what we've been able to put together, as well as where we're headed. Our goal is to become the largest, most trusted pure-play data risk management company in the world, and we have the people to make that happen. It is our team and our way of life that allows us to dream big. Our people are our greatest asset, and the reasons below illustrate what makes Focal Point a workplace that is able to attract remarkable people.

Our Values

  • People First: We base everything we do on the fundamental notion that respect for the individual – be it an employee, vendor, or client – is key to developing prosperous relationships and enabling successful business practices. We strive to keep a culture that fosters career advancement and that also provides a positive and motivating daily experience for our employees. In turn, our employees take the same approach with clients, with whom they develop relationships based on trust, integrity, and mutual respect. 
  • Transparency: We define transparency as clear communication, up-front thoughts and solutions, and thoughtful, constructive feedback. We take pride in our clear and forward correspondence with clients and our always open lines of communication to senior leadership. We do not hide our thoughts and opinions and empower our employees to always be willing to give and receive honest feedback
  • Ownership: We never place blame or make excuses. As a company, we hold ourselves completely accountable for all of our actions and their consequences, both positive and negative. Any concerns from our employees, clients, or the greater business community are received and addressed with integrity. We take responsibility and ownership for any problems and hold everyone accountable for their work – both employees and clients alike. 


IMG_2421 - sM.jpgWe encourage our team to live a healthy lifestyle with a few perks that you may not find elsewhere. We reimburse our employees for gym memberships, so that fitness can be attainable for everyone. We give out Fitbit watches to reward healthy lifestyles, and we keep our fridge stocked with fresh fruits and healthy juices.  We also encourage everyone to get on their feet with state-of-the-art desks that can be electronically raised and lowered to suit your posture and preference. These policies help us empower our team members to strive for a healthy lifestyle, both in the office and outside of it.  

To make sure employees have the time and space to get away from work, we offer some of the industry’s best paid time off. The opportunity to rest, reset, and recharge makes our employees happier and more productive. We see it as an essential component of our healthy philosophy.


Tacky Tourist Day 8.4.16.jpgWe emphasize having a fun and energetic atmosphere within our office, which is filled with friendly people who embrace our competitive spirit and culture. Friendly competition is a powerful force in our office, from softball games and fierce fantasy football leagues, to cookie bake-offs and 5k runs, we like to keep our office in high spirits. Since our healthy competitive spirit is fueled by caffeine, we stock our kitchen with 18 different kinds of coffees and teas, including locally roasted beans from one of Tampa’s favorite coffee shops.

Our offices are always looking for ways to keep things light and foster team cameraderie. We have themed clothing days and encourage employees to participate in office-wide events. Most recently, we had college alma mater day where employees came to work decked out in their colleges’ colors, and a tacky tourist day where employees dressed up in their silliest and tackiest outfits. We even recently had an employee come to work in a T-Rex costume and fiercely stomp around the office, because why not?  

Want to learn more about who we are? Check out our Culture page, and take a look at some of our team members' stories.