In the past, getting into the RSA sessions at the top of your list involved leaving meals/meetings/your bed extra early, making a mad dash across the Moscone Center, and offering fervent prayers to the RSA gods that not every other attendee picked the same session. Last year, the RSA powers-that-be heard your pleas and introduced the Reserve a Seat button on the session listing, which means that with a little planning, you can save a spot at all the sessions on your list. We know your RSA session schedule is a carefully curated, precious thing, but we would like to make the case for one session in particular: “Inside Cyber Balance Sheets: A Rare Window on Digital Risk in the Boardroom” from Yvette Connor and Wade Baker.

We know we’re a bit biased – Yvette is Focal Point’s Chief Risk Officer, and we’ve worked with Wade, the Co-Founder of the Cyentia Institute, on the Cyber Balance Sheet Report and Summit for a little while now. But we really believe these two speakers and their topic are worth every second of that precious 45-minute slot. If you’re already sold, click below to reserve your seat, but if not, keep reading and we’ll make our case.

Session Snapshot: April 19, 2018 | 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM | Session Code: CXO-R14

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A Dynamic Duo: The Speakers

It doesn’t matter how interesting a topic is – if the presenters aren’t engaging and knowledgeable, the session will dissapoint. This is not a concern when it comes to Yvette Connor and Wade Baker.

Yvette has spoken at a wide range of events, from national RIMS panels to international conferences like Zero Day, breaking down complex topics like AI and ERM. And Wade is no stranger to the RSA Conference, leading sessions in 2010, 2014, and 2016 and working with conference organizers on interesting projects like this one. He is also probably best known for creating and leading Verizon’s annual Data Breach Investigations Report series.

Beyond their speaking credentials, the day-to-day work of both Wade and Yvette make them the perfect team for this session. Yvette leads Focal Point’s Enterprise Risk Consulting practice, where she helps C-suite executives and board members make data-driven decisions about organizational growth, technology risk, and cyber security risk. Her relationships with these executives and Wade’s focus on improving cyber security through data-driven research led them to work together on the 2018 Cyber Balance Sheet Report, which will be the foundation of their session.

Drawing Back the Curtain: A Groundbreaking Topic

Attendees of Yvette and Wade’s session will get an exclusive, early look at the findings of the 2018 Cyber Balance Sheet, which will publish in late April. Currently, Cyentia is conducting a series of in-depth interviews to gather real-world insights on how CISOs and board members view the roles they both play, the information and emphasis they bring to cyber-risk discussions, and where they feel collaboration is improving and falling short.

Using analysis and visualizations of the data collected during these interviews, Wade and Yvette will give RSA attendees a rare window into the actual dialogues happening at the board level, helping security practitioners gain practical knowledge that will benefit their ability to speak to this important audience.

Take Action: The Key Takeaways

Qualifying whether a session deserves to be on your RSA agenda should be based on its benefits to you – the best sessions have clear objectives that align with your own professional goals. Wade and Yvette have set three objectives for their session, which will provide actionable takeaways for their audience.

  1. Pinpoint where and why communication with boards on cyber issues succeeds or fails. By looking at where communication breaks down and where it breaks through, attendees will be able to identify the techniques that work when meeting with the board on cyber risk.
  2. Uncover the myths, assumptions, and progress in how boards handle cyber risk. Our research spans board members and cyber leaders across industries, organizational structures, and program sizes, which means we can dispel the myths that surround board meetings and help you focus on what really works.
  3. Leave attendees with actionable advice for handling cyber risk at the board level. Our team’s philosophy is to always send attendees home with a list of action items they can immediately apply to their jobs. This session is no different – if you take notes, you’ll have a list of tactics, metrics, and strategies you can apply to your next board meeting.

Have we convinced you that Wade and Yvette’s session deserves a slot on your RSA session list this year? If so, you can save your spot below.

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Session Info: Inside Cyber Balance Sheets: A Rare Window on Digital Risk in the Boardroom | April 19, 2018 | 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM | Session Code: CXO-R14