This is the first episode in Focal Point's Practitioner Interview Series, in which Focal Point experts sit down with real-world security leaders to discuss strategies for overcoming common security challenges.

Drew Simonis, Deputy CISO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, graciously sat down with Focal Point's Justin Avery to discuss his strategy on hiring, training, and retaining employees on his cybersecurity team.

In this 20-minute interview, you'll learn about:

  • The evolution of HPE’s cyber bootcamp, from a home-grown training program to a full workforce development program
  • The benefits of HPE’s new cyber workforce development program and how it turbo-charged his ability to hire, train, and retain SOC employees
  • How Drew leveraged Focal Point Academy’s assessment engine to build tailored learning plans for his employees
  • The unique Focal Point Academy approach to skills development, and how the quality and hands-on nature of the training made an immediate impact on the HPE team 

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