Focal Point was featured in several media outlets in July, with our experts speaking on a wide range of cyber security and privacy topics.  We’ve pulled the highlights from the past few weeks into our monthly media roundup. 

Your Guide to Online Privacy

Bloomberg Businessweek

CRM CEO Yong-Gon Chon dropped a memorable line about the risk of using public Wi-Fi in a Bloomberg article titled, “Your Guide to Online Privacy.”

“Yong-Gon Chon, chief executive officer of consulting firm Cyber Risk Management, says using public Wi-Fi is ‘like your computer having a one-night stand—you don’t know what you’re going to walk away with’”.

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8 Ingredients of an Effective Disaster Recovery Plan


Focal Point's Data Privacy practice leader Eric Dieterich provided the seventh ingredient in an article for CIO titled, “8 Ingredients of an Effective Disaster Recovery Plan.”

“7. Include how to handle sensitive information. Defining operational and technical procedures to ensure the protection of…sensitive information is a critical component of a DR plan,’ says Eric Dieterich, Principal, Focal Point. ‘These procedures should address how sensitive information will be maintained [and accessed] when a DR plan has been activated.’”

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IoT Medical Devices: A Prescription for Disaster


CEO Yong-Gon Chon was featured in a Threatpost article on the security inefficiencies of IoT Medical Devices in “IoT Medical Devices: A Prescription for Disaster.”

“’The FDA has strict rules and regulations about medical devices and what updates, firmware or patches can be applied to those systems,’ Chon said. ‘When an MRI machine gets approved by the FDA it’s considered a diagnostic equipment or a treatment. FDA rules state any changes made to that system have to go back through the FDA certification process,’ he said”.

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Do Third-Party Vendors Have a Bullseye on their Backs?


Yong-Gon was featured in a CSO article detailing 3rd party vendor security risks titled, “Do Third-Party Vendors Have A Bullseye On Their Backs?”

“Yong-Gon Chon, CEO of Cyber Risk Management said, ‘There isn’t a single cloud service provider that offers SLA for security. Uptime, visibility, yes, but there is no equivalent for security. Most say we have this amount of response time for this kind of data breach, or we will notify you in this amount of time if we find this kind of vulnerability.’”

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